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SEGT 2020-21 Conference
New date: 12-15 December 2021 (Sunday -Wednesday)
Venue: InterContinental Saigon Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam






Congratulations! The article “Power generation of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 microbial fuel cells in bamboo fermentation effluent” has been accepted by “International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.”










Congratulations! The article “A fluid dynamics perspective on the flow dependent performance of honey comb microbial fuel cells” has been accepted by “Energy.”









Congratulations! The article “Dominated flow parameters applied in a recirculation microbial fuel cell” has been accepted by “Process Biochemistry”








(20200504 Update)

Congratulations! Dr. Chen-Hao Wang was invited by GASE to write the highlights of Taiwan research, which has been published on the GASE website.





(20200421 Update)Congratulations!The article “Review on design factors of microbial fuel cells using Buckingham’s Pi Theorem”has been accepted by “Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews.”







(20200113 Update)Congratulations! 恭賀!王金燦教授榮獲 2020 Asia-Pacific Triple E Awards–Student-driven Sustainability Project of the Year Award–2nd RUNNER-UP










(20191114 Update)Congratulations! 恭賀!王金燦教授榮獲 2019第十五屆IIP(International Inventor Prize)國際傑出發明家獎之中華創新發明 學會【國際會士】








(20190920 Update)Natural News:GMO mosquito experiment goes horribly wrong..




(20190827 Update) Congratulations! 恭賀!王金燦教授榮獲 第十七屆有庠科技獎 綠色科技組 論文獎







2019/1/22 Welcome to Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to visit the TFBE Lab




Association of inter-integration 3rd preparatory meeting








Association of inter-integration 2rd preparatory meeting









Foundation of Inter-Intergration Association has been approved by Ministry of the Interior!