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學術分享平台 Academic Sharing Platform


              This page will be a platform that is to provide the professor who join our group. Each member would recommend their article or paper which are worth to be valued. By this way, we could reduce more time to find the good article to reference.

              We welcome all scholars to send the papers by filling in our form. The following are the form address. We will put them to the website as soon as possible! Thank you!



加入學術分享平台同意書 / 大陸地區下載點

Consent of Joining Academic sharing platform


文章引用回饋單 / 大陸地區下載點

Article conferencing feedback sheet


更改/刪除分享論文申請 / 大陸地區下載點

Application of changing/deleting sharing article





Article sharing area

Scholars Name
Job Title
Organization Name
Article link
王金燦/Chin-Tsan WangDistinguished ProfessorNational Ilan UniversityLink
雍阳春/Yang-Chun YongProfessorJiangsu UniversityLink
Ong hwai chyuanProfessorUniversity of MalayaLink
張紋通/Wen Tong ChongAssociate ProfessorUniversity of MalayaLink