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2019.06.20(Thu) Master’s degree oral exam for the TFBE Lab member–Li I-Ting



王金燦 教授 于昌平 教授 陳洵毅 教授 郭佩鈺 教授 以及 Sangeetha Thangavel 教授

蒞臨指導 實驗室碩士班學生 李奕廷 碩士班學位口試

並榮幸邀請 口試委員 參訪實驗室

參與師生互動交流熱絡 受益良多




We hearty welcome the oral test committee members–

Prof. Wang Chin Tsang, Prof. Chang-Ping Yu, Prof. Hsun-Yi Chen,  Prof. Pei-Yu Kuo and Prof. Sangeetha Thangavel

to NIU for the lab member–Li I-Ting Master’s degree oral exam advising.

We also honoured to invite the oral test committee to visit the laboratory.

Participants in the interaction between teachers and students benefited a lot, Bringing improvements to the research energy of the laboratory.