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2019.06.27(Thu) The Media interview for 有庠科技獎


恭喜 實驗室主持人 王金燦教授 榮獲 有庠科技獎 綠色科技組 論文獎

首先 採訪團隊對 實驗室主持人 王金燦 教授 進行訪問

王金燦 教授講述獲獎感言 並感謝實驗室團隊的付出

而後 由 王金燦 教授 講解實驗室儀器與研究項目

最後與實驗室成員們進行論文討論 提升實驗室的研究能量



Congratulations, the host of the laboratory, Professor Wang Chin Tsang for winning the award of the Science and Technology Award of the Green Technology Group.

The Media interview team visited the laboratory, Professor Wang Chin Tsang gave the award speech and thanks to the lab team for their efforts.

Then Professor Wang Chin Tsang explained laboratory instruments and research projects.

Finally, Professor Wang Chin Tsang conducted regular meeting to discuss papers with lab members and improve laboratory research on energy.