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2019.07.04(Thu)~07.05(Fri) The TFBE Lab members visit 台中(Taichung)


在 實驗室主持人 王金燦 教授 支持下

實驗室成員前往 台中 進行兩天一夜 參訪活動

對大多數成員們而言 台中 為第一次參訪之地點 十分新鮮





Supported by Professor Wang Chin Tsang, the host of the laboratory

The lab members went to Taichung for two days and one night.

For most of the members, Taichung was the new place to visit and everyone was so excited about it.

Everyone felt delighted to explore a new city and taste new foods.

It was an awesome trip and everyone all show their gratitude to the professor.